What is the minimum age to enroll in Sailing School?

A student must be 7 years old in the calendar year that they are attending class.


We will be at Crystal Lake for one week. Can our children attend classes at CLSS?

All classes have one week sessions. It is recommended that students attend multiple sessions, if possible.


If a student attends multiple sessions will they be repeating the same instruction?

No. During each session the instructors will divide the class according to experience. Every student will be challenged to improve their sailing knowledge and skill.


Are there any prerequisites or requirements that must be met prior to joining a class?

The only requirement is that the student be able to swim 25 feet, tread water for one minute and put on a life jacket while in the water. CLSS can assist with instruction to help a student achieve this requirement.


What method of payment does CLSS accept?

Group lessons are paid for on-line with a VISA, MasterCard, or Discover. Private lessons are paid for in person by cash or check.


Will class size be limited?

Yes. Our Class page lists the limits for each class. We recommend that you register online and early at www.clssmi.com


What should a student bring with them to class?

Students should wear a swimsuit and bring closed toed shoes and a life jacket. We also suggest a towel, suntan lotion, and a change of clothes.


When are classes held?

Our Class page contains information about the meeting times for each class.


Will classes be cancelled due to bad weather?

No. Our classes run rain or shine.


Do the students need to be members or related to members of the CLYC or CDCC?

No. The CLSS is open to all who are interested in learning the skill and joy of sailing.


Where will the classes be taught?

All classes will be held at the Crystal Lake Yacht Club on the west end of Crystal Lake.


If we are not members of CLYC or CDCC, where should we park?

Non-members should park immediately to the left when you enter the CLYC parking area, even if other areas of the parking lot are empty. The Sailing School leases space from the Yacht Club and the parking area immediately to the left is the only one available to us. We appreciate your cooperation.


What if plans change and a student cannot participate in a session?

We do not offer refunds. But if a student registers for a session and then wants to switch to a different session, we will do our best to accommodate the request. However, the request must be made before the start of the session for which the student originally registered.


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