1. All sailors must have completed and submitted a emergency information form and liability waiver prior to the start of any session.
  2. All sailors will be required to pass a swim test. Swim Tests will be conducted the first day of each Learn to Sail session. Bring a towel and a change of clothes.
  3. Each lesson will begin promptly at its scheduled time.
  4. Sailors are assigned a boat each lesson which must be properly returned to its storage location at the end of the lesson. Sailing is team work and all sailors assist each other in returning boats to the boat rack. All broken equipment must be reported to an instructor.
  5. Each sailor must take proper care of all equipment assigned to them. A sailor may be held responsible for damage caused if they are behaving improperly.
  6. A life jacket must be worn when a sailor is on a dock or in a boat. Sailors must supply their own life jacket and the sailor's name should appear on it.
  7. Sailors must wear closed toe footwear whenever prompted by an instructor.
  8. Sailors may not run or play on the docks, boats or boat storage rack.
  9. While on the water, all sailors must stay with their instructor.
  10. Parents of all sailors must pick up their children promptly upon the conclusion of each lesson. Our instructors are not paid overtime and parents may be charged extra if they are late.
  11. Sailors must have permission from an instructor before using any sailing club facility. The instructor must know where the sailor is at all times.
  12. Good behavior, manners and sportsmanship are important. Sailors who are disruptive or uncooperative may be suspended from the lesson or from the entire program.
  13. Parents are requested not to be in the instruction area during a lesson. In addition, parents who are not CLYC or CDCC members cannot sit on the Yacht Club deck or porch.  The Sailing School has not leased the right to use this part of Yacht Club facilities.
  14. Participants who are not CLYC or CDCC members shall use the CLYC facilities only while attending a class. CLYC is a private club that has leased part of its facilities for the purpose of sailing instruction. 
  15. Participants who are not members of the CLYC or CDCC must park in the designated CLSS parking area to the left as you enter the CLYC parking area.


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